Sunday, June 26, 2016

Today I Traveled Around the World in 45 Minutes

ISTE, Day 1

ISTE Denver, 2016
Woohoo! Once every few years I gather with my tribe to learn, share, grow, connect and geek out at The International Society for Technology in Education Conference. A few goals I have established for myself for this conference include:
  1. To connect face-to-face with 5 new educators that I can work with on global projects this upcoming school year.
  2. Gather at least 3 new global resources to incorporate into our Units of Inquiry.
My first night, Sunday night, offered a great poster session on global projects and collaboration. Perfect!

After just a few short hours I have already connected with a like-minded educator from Australia. Bonus points, as she also teaches 2nd grade (or Year 2). I have also gathered a number of resources that I would like to pursue including

  •, a project designed to help kids celebrate the best in others. This project resource fits nicely into our Unit of Inquiry into influential people. My students create PSA's using Green Screen tech on an influential person they research. We might be able to submit our projects to
  •, an organization designed to support financial literacy education and impact a small business startup. This organization aligns not only with our Unit of Inquiry into financial resources, but supports my classroom economy system.

I am looking forward to exploring these resources. Watch for updates on how I incorporated these resources into my classroom!